Things on my Mind This Month

It’s hard to think that I would get to this point of the year without exercising more or focusing on my fitness even just a bit.

It’s embarrassing.

I know that I have a ton of projects on my plate now, which is why I can’t even blog here much.

My podcast is launching tonight, my 3 blogs are all going smoothly, co-launching a new business, Im doing guest posts and building my tribe.

I’m not gonna lie, it does take a toll and it affects my health.

Success is subjective alright.

Trading off my health? It’s hard, but I have to push through.

What I could do is do home workouts for now. Wake up earlier, around 6am and get started with kettlebells.

Then around 2 months from now, hit the gym for twice a week. Hopefully, I can achieve that short term goal.

Meanwhile, I need to focus on what I eat. Wish me luck guys.

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