Top 5 Alternative Herbs for Today’s Natural Medicine Cabinet

There are a lot of herbs now that we know to have more to them than mere superstition. Using alternative medicine or herbs have been proven to have a lot of healing potential, and every home medical cabinet can benefit from having some of these natural substances.

Here are 5 of the very best to stock in your medicine cabinet, whether for crisis moments or merely for maintenance.

  1. Kratom – This legal sedative-stimulant herb is also an excellent analgesic, one that can kill pain with the best of them. The best part is that this herb doesn’t have the same depressive qualities that many opiate-based painkillers have: it’s all natural and it even gives the user a little perk-up, with its mildly euphoric qualities.
  2. Turmeric – Another excellent natural analgesic besides being a great spice if you love Indian food, turmeric is best used specifically for dealing with pains causing by inflammations, as it naturally relieves swelling of tissues. Arthritics, for instance, will find their pains relieved almost instantly from consumption of turmeric—and who says they have to take it straight? They could consume the herb through a delicious curry to make the treatment process much more enjoyable, after all. This is one of the things that my doctor recently told me about. Take note that there are some studies being carried out too that may link curcumin, a substance found in the spice, to reduction of Alzheimer’s Disease plaque in the brain.
  3. Andrographis – Andrographis paniculata is a plant native to India that just might be your natural solution to the common cold from now on. It has long been used as a medicinal herb in its native India, and now it has been proven to reduce the typical symptoms of the common cold, from fatigue to a runny nose. It is superb at fighting respiratory infections.
  4. Cinnamon – If anyone in your family suffers from high blood sugar or high cholesterol levels, it may be wise to keep cinnamon on hand. This lovely spice has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels as well.
  5. Rosemary – If you fry or grill food often, you should know that heterocyclic amines will likely be in abundance in your food. That is a concern since they are carcinogens. If you want to reduce their amounts, add rosemary to your food before cooking, as it has been proven to reduce heterocyclic amine levels.