New business launch!

My podcast launched, my book was released earlier this year, blogs are going well and now this!

I think I’m on a role this year!

According to them, we’ve received 5 inquiries already! We really have to push hard and built a portfolio to get this business going ASAP.

As mentioned on the last post, I’m more of a consultant/partner here so I don’t handle operations at all. I’ve always wanted a way to give back and be green so going into the solar business gives me that.

The good thing about this setup is that it allows me to work overseas and see things from a different perspective because I’m not “in” the business.

I’ve given the my thoughts, changes and strategies so I love how the site has changed. They’ve implemented everything I’ve mentioned and that rocks.

Now it’s time to get that traffic to come in so we can test, tweak and repeat!

That’s it for now, I’ll update here on further developments soon.

Check out the Facebook page here. Still new but it’ll get to thousands of likes in no time.

I hope we can lock up a big island or resort ASAP. That would be great for the portfolio!

PS. I also found out about this app service to handle my restaurant’s deliveries and I love it. To those that don’t know me, I run a small local fast food place here. Deliveries has been a pain for us ever since we started offering it.

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