The eruption of Mount Mayon in the Philippines

Mount Mayon, in the northeastern Philippines, is well known with tourists, and experts warn a greater “hazardous eruption” could occur within days.

Mt. Mayon

Mt. Mayon

Lava has ascended to the crater of the volcano and for the past 24 hours, ash has been spewing over close-by towns.

But Renato Solidum from the country’s volcanology institute cautioned that the worst is still to come.

“Lava has flowed out of the volcano’s crater already but it’s just starting,” he said.

“It’s a non-explosive eruption. We will have to verify tomorrow if it will flow continuously.”

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Disaster-response authorities said about 1,000 families have been moved to emergency shelters after the 2,460-meter (8,070) volcano began emanating steam and ash on Saturday.

It has erupted around 50 times in the previous 500 years, frequently with devastating outcomes.

In May 2013, a sudden violent eruption killed five climbers, including three Germans, who had gone close to the summit regardless of notices of possible risk.

Mount Mayon is a well known tourist site because of its near-perfect cone shape and lies in the coconut-producing Albay province.

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Jennylyn Mercado with her son spotted at Angel Locsin’s birthday party

Jennylyn Mercado and Angel Locsin show that having a similar ex does not mean they can’t be friends.

JennylynMercado was spotted with her son celebrating Locsin’s 32nd birthday last April 23.

It is not unknown that Jennylyn Mercado is the ex-girlfriend of Angel Locsin’s previous boyfriend, Luis Manzano.

Locsin and Manzano first dated in 2008 and separated in 2009. After years of being separated and being involved in various relationships, the two officially got back together in 2014, yet ended the relationship again in 2016.

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Meanwhile, Mercado and Manzano began dating in 2011 and separated in 2013. Yet, even before the “Minute To Win It” host came into the two ladies’ lives, the two had already been friends and worked in some projects.

Mercado and Locsin were both hailed as FHM’s “sexiest woman of the year,” acquiring Manzano the tag “sexiest woman killer.”

Make the list three, so far another FHM hottie figured in Manzano’s list of stunner girlfriends: FHM’s sexiest woman of 2016, Jessy Mendiola. Gossip has it that Locsin and Manzano finished their relationship due to Mendiola, although nothing has been affirmed.