New business launch!

My podcast launched, my book was released earlier this year, blogs are going well and now this!

I think I’m on a role this year!

According to them, we’ve received 5 inquiries already! We really have to push hard and built a portfolio to get this business going ASAP.

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New Venture Launching

I’m all the way over here in Canada now but I have a business launching in the Philippines soon.

I’m so excited but scared, much like any other entrepreneur that’s launching a new business.

I hope this works out. I’m keeping it a secret until then so watch out for my next post!

It’s not as scalable as to what I’m used to but the benefit the people will get from it is just too good to pass up. People will love it!

Maybe my role in that company will be bigger soon but for now, I’m more of a partner/consultant/marketing guy.

Oh, since my last post, I was able to fix my schedule, include a training regimen and fix my weekday meals.

Ah the power of writing things down…it makes everything clearer.

Im going to hit my 5 pound goal next month! Bet on it!

Things on my Mind This Month

It's hard to think that I would get to this point of the year without exercising more or focusing on my fitness even just a bit. It's embarrassing. I know that I have a ton of projects on my plate now, which is why I can't even blog here … [Continue reading]

Types of Kefir

Fresh kefir grains

Kefir, known in various names such as kephor, talai, mudu kekiya, kewra, and bulgaros, is a slowly-growing milk food product. Originally from the Caucasus region’s mountainous areas, its most basic form is grains fermented in milk. Kefir grains will … [Continue reading]

Who Says Freebies Shouldn’t Be High-quality?

our business office

I promised to write more often last post so here I am, writing my next story! We recently celebrated a milestone at our company: our semicentennial anniversary.  It was a significant marker, one that I honestly hadn’t known we would ever reach … [Continue reading]

I’m back!

It's been a while since I last blogged here. I had a lot of things going on recently with my wife being pregnant and all. I originally wanted to talk about herbs and food and nutrition here as that is my passion but I'm thinking of turning this into … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Alternative Herbs for Today’s Natural Medicine Cabinet

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Recent Studies: Kratom and the U-District


Mitragyna Speciosa also known as Kratom (as more popularly known in Thailand) is known to produce a morphine-like effect on people upon ingestion. According to a study conducted on kratom eaters in Thailand, the plant contains several alkaloids so … [Continue reading]